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DadBoner - Sat Sep 08 2012

12:50 PM #
My bro Al came through to watch the State game. Haven't seen him in a while. Kinda lost touch. Guess he's been busy. I've been busy too.

12:52 PM #
Whenever someone says, "I've been busy," I like to say, "Me too. Well, I've been GETTIN' busy. With babes." Then give 'em the guy code wink.

12:57 PM #
Poured a couple shotskis of Crown for me, Dave, & Al. Al said, "Maybe we should just take it easy." Think somethin's up. Kinda concerning.

01:08 PM #
If a guy won't do a shot to start a celebraish, there's only 2 possible reasons: #1 Probably their wife or some crap, and #2 Other stuff.

01:12 PM #
Might have to have a talk with Al in the boat later. Guy to guy. Gonna have a few more C&D's to get loose and conversational.

09:35 PM #
Man, so getin bombed with al. he siad needied to pull it back buck man the welzeinn boys anre back in town!