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DadBoner - Tue Sep 11 2012

12:03 PM #
So steamed at Al's wife. We can't hang out 'cause she's got a problem with me? The cops arrested him, not me. I can't control the law.

12:06 PM #
Hardly ever saw Al's wife anyway. She never even got to hang with the new, Ann-less, Karl. I'm good times, not the bring down Ann made me.

12:22 PM #
Nosey Lady's out sick today. She's so lazy. Gotta take advantage. Gonna work on my script in the boat and catch a snooze.

12:24 PM #
Man, just thinkin' 'bout Nosey Lady at home, crappin' her guts out or worse...might be the first time I've smiled since yesterday.

12:28 PM #
I mean, I don't wanna "picture" Nosey Lady takin' a flu crap, I ain't some Euro BM-sex weirdo, but KNOWIN' it might be happenin' is so boss.

12:56 PM #
Holy crap. It's 9/11. Almost forgot the one thing you're supposed to never forget.

12:57 PM #
Happy Patriot Day, you guys. (respectfully)

01:05 PM #
Leavin' work for some Patriot Day cold ones at 'Bee's. Can't appreciate the beauty of America cooped in the work slave cage, you guys.