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DadBoner - Wed Sep 12 2012

11:46 AM #
Got pretty bombed at 'Bee's for Patriot Day. (respectfully) Took down a pile of Mucho Margs. Had to get it on for freedom.

11:50 AM #
When you're drinkin' margs, there's only 2 numerical amounts to consume, you guys: "enough" or "more."

11:55 AM #
Tried to get a "Never Forget" chant goin' at 'Bee's. No one'd join in. Guess some people think they're "too cool" for the USA. Kinda sad.

12:00 PM #
If you think it's "uncool" to love America, why don't you go see how "cool" it is to live in a country that doesn't have toilets or pizza.

12:16 PM #
In the USA, Van Halen on the radio at least once an hour, a whole 'za is $5, and Stone Cold Steve Austin lives here. Other countries? No.

12:18 PM #
In the USA, Seger and Springsteen write songs about it, they still make Camaros, and High Life is always on sale. Other countries? No.

12:24 PM #
And in the USA, you can peep chest beefers, 24/7, Taco Bell is probably open, and football is probably on. America's got my vote, you guys.

12:38 PM #
'Nothin wrong with some constructive criticism 'bout America. But some corncobs just forget to ever say anything good about it.