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DadBoner - Thu Sep 13 2012

11:00 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

04:42 PM #
Been tryin' to work on my Roadhouse script all day. Couldn't get 'nothin done 'cause they're redoin the men's john. Notice woulda been nice.

04:49 PM #
Guys have to share the ladies room for a few days. Real nightmare situaish in the BM dept. Kept a #1 & beefs only policy. Terrible.

04:51 PM #
If you're gonna remodel the men's john at work, give everyone a heads up so they can double grunt in the AM. That's just good manners.

04:57 PM #
Woulda liked to give my input on the new work john. I'm kinda the "style guy." Want good taste? Karl's got the bold fashion flavors.

05:03 PM #
Might bring some decor to work for the new john. Got a badass vintage Bud Dry mirror. It's probably worth a ton, but I'm glad to pitch in.

05:17 PM #
Can't focus on my script. Tigs are delayed so Dave's watchin' Tango & Cash real loud. Idiot. We just watched it twice last night.

05:25 PM #
When I want peace and quiet, the only sounds I wanna hear is "psht" when I crack one and "clink" when I set it down.

05:26 PM #
Gonna pack up my sixer cooler and hit a coffee place. Hear that's what writers do. Who knows, could hook up with a script babe?