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DadBoner - Sun Sep 16 2012

04:45 PM #
Super pumped for the Lions game, you guys.

05:23 PM #
Man, this babe is so smokin', you guys.

05:28 PM #
Ann just rang. Said I called like 30 times last night at 3am. She's so inconsiderate. The LIONS are on. Reminded me why we broke up.

05:31 PM #
Dave said if I took care of the booze, he'd make the 'chos. Got us a couple dozen BL 'Nums. Lions blue lightning!

07:02 PM #
Kinda bummed the Lions are losin', but Dave started makin' some 'chos. Any good rally starts with halftime 'chos, you guys.

07:18 PM #
Dave just brought out the 'chos. Half a bag of busted chips with Fire Sauce packets and melted American. Well done, Chef Dave. Idiot.

07:21 PM #
Told Dave, we need PREMIUM 'chos to rally, not Po' 'Chos. "Dave said, these ARE premium. I saved Fire Sauce packets for a week!" So steamed.

08:19 PM #
Friggin' Dave with his Po' Chos. Winners have tomates, steak, sour cream, and 3 kinds of cheese on their 'chos! So sick of this.

08:22 PM #
I'M TAKIN' THE REST OF THE BL 'NUMS AND DRINKIN' 'EM IN THE BOAT! Really steamed. Can't have 'nothin'.