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DadBoner - Tue Sep 18 2012

11:21 AM #
They're still not done remodelin' the men's john. So sick of this. No way this is legal. Make the bowls flush and call it a day.

11:26 AM #
I can't be expected to perform my job at 100% when all I can think about is how my BMs are piled up like a car crash. I need traffic flow.

11:28 AM #
A man's BM schedule is important. In the morning, I "take the 8:15 into the city." And "if the train's on time, I can get to work by 9."

11:54 AM #
Guys workin' on the men's john already took off for the day. So lazy. Might have to go in there and get to work, like Holmes on Homes.

11:57 AM #
Goin' to get my Bud Dry mirror out of the 'Bring. Hangin' that bad boy up first. Probably need to take my shirt off. Get the job done right.