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DadBoner - Mon Sep 24 2012

11:03 AM #
Really hurtin'. Drank a thousand beers after the Lions game yesterday. My anger was unquenchable. Was the definition of a "mean thirst."

11:09 AM #
Sometimes, crap's just not fair. And when you're a Detroit Lions fan, crap's been just not fair forever and then some. Sick of this.

11:13 AM #
Nosey Lady asked why I seemed down today. Told her, "Lions." Nosey said, "Oh Karl it's not like you're on the team." Had to go outside.

11:22 AM #
Football is an American tradish. So pride in your team is pride in your part of the USA. Gotta take care of own backyard, you guys.

11:36 AM #
Feel bad for folks who don't like watchin' Sunday football. You can only spend so much time shoppin' at Target, searchin' for a soul.

11:46 AM #
Football might make you angry, happy, sad, or super pumped. But at least you feel somethin', together, with the USA. Kinda beautiful.

11:52 AM #
The country's not perfect right now, so if the USA can bond over the NFL, cold ones, and Erin Andrews, it's a pretty good option, you guys.

09:05 PM #
If I was a Packer fan, my TV would be smashed in about a thousand pieces, you guys. Man.

09:36 PM #
Neighbor Guy must be from Wisconsin. Threw a coffee table off his balcony. Usin' lotsa bad words like Crazy Cooter. Kid's cryin'. Whoa.

09:43 PM #
Goin' over to Neighbor Guy's with some cold ones. See if he wants to have a guy to guy 'bout the game. Heard a few more smashy noises.

09:44 PM #
Wish I owned a TV store in Wisconsin tomorrow, you guys.

09:50 PM #
Gonna bring Neighbor Guy some Crown too. There is some serious crap goin' on over there. And Crown is for a convo bout crap that's serious.