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DadBoner - Tue Sep 25 2012

11:21 AM #
Went over to Neighbor Guy's about the ruckus after the game last night. Thought I could calm the hot violence with some cold ones.

11:24 AM #
Pounded on Neighbor Guy's door for a while, which was 2 cold ones worth. He came to the door, lookin' pretty fried. Had a bat with him.

11:28 AM #
Said, "Hey kimosabe, heard you destroyin' all your personal property. Guess it's 'cause of the Packer game. Wanna have a guy to guy?"

11:31 AM #
Neighbor Guy said, "They're gonna come for me! I'm so f*cked! Get the f*ck outta here." Kinda concerning.

11:33 AM #
Said, "Don't know who's comin' to get ya, but it's pretty late for that. Never too late for a cold one though." Showed him the cold ones.

11:37 AM #
Neighbor Guy said, "I don't need a cold one! I need 3 grand or they're gonna break my arm!" Sounds like that'd be THE time for a cold one.

11:46 AM #
Neighbor Guy started yellin 'bout how "the bullsh*t refs cost him everything and were gonna get him killed." Decided I should hit the sack.

11:57 AM #
Hope Neighbor Guy and his kid aren't murdered or some crap when I get home. Can be livin' in a crime scene. Scares off the babes, you guys.