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DadBoner - Wed Sep 26 2012

11:39 AM #
Came home last night and looked like Neighbor Guy hit the bricks. Musta really owed some serious bread. Maybe to the goombahs?

11:43 AM #
Heard alot of italiano restaurants are just a front for gambling. Always got a weird vibe at that one Hungry Howie's.

11:48 AM #
Dave said Olive Garden is havin' some money issues. Wonder if they're just a gambling front too? Folks can't trust a bet with these refs.

12:00 PM #
I'm not sayin' Olive Garden is mobbed up, but I have seen some weird convos at the pay phone by the john. Goombahs love payphones.

01:00 PM #
Bet with all the guido buffoons makin' italians look stupid on tv, they really appreciate a classy hero like Guy Fieri, you guys.