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DadBoner - Fri Sep 28 2012

11:01 AM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

11:29 AM #
Worked on plans for The K-Money Club last night. Could be the hottest night spot the Flint area's ever seen.

11:34 AM #
Picked up a new boom box. The K-Money Club deserves to have the finest technology in rockin' sound.

11:43 AM #
Had to work up a list of rules for The K-Money Club. It's important for keepin' out undesirables and below par babes lookin' for charity.

11:49 AM #
K-Money Club Rule #1: Shirts are optional after 10pm. We're all adults here, let's keep it mature and consensual into the night.

11:53 AM #
K-Money Club Rule #2: The fire truck bed in "The Passions Room" has a 6 person limit due to Federal Safety Laws.

11:56 AM #
K-Money Club Rule #3: 9 Drink Minimum. (stops people from comin' & goin' and gettin' into trouble on the streets)

11:59 AM #
K-Money Club Rule #4: No one touches the boom box xPlod sound system except for The Captain. No one wants to hear your "new" crap music.

12:05 PM #
K-Money Club Rule #5: Free slice of Hot 'n Ready 'za for patrons before 9pm. (could snag some of the dinner crowd?)

12:12 PM #
K-Money Club Rule #6: No log jammin' in the john. Squirts only. Be a professional and grunt out a premie at your own pad.

12:16 PM #
K-Money Club Rule #6 (pt2): If you're a smokin' babe that's gotta crap, management may let you push it out in a supervised private john.

12:58 PM #
Gonna have a soft open with Dave for The K-Money Club tonight. See how it goes and add on some rules after. Super pumped!

01:13 PM #
In America, sometimes all it takes is a great idea, some abandoned property, a boombox & some booze. Then it's on, you guys.