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DadBoner - Sun Sep 30 2012

10:25 PM #
Just finally got the rest of Crazy Cooter's friends out of The K-Money Club. Got kinda out of hand. Might need some more rules.

10:27 PM #
Just 'cause I open a bar in an abandoned apartment, doesn't mean it's a full service 24/7 drug den. Some people have zero class.

10:29 PM #
All Crazy Cooter's pals just drank all the booze and ate all the 'za and didn't pay for 'nothin. I'm tryin' to run a business!

10:32 PM #
No one even listened to the "no log jammin" rule in the john at all. Filled the bowl to the brim with nasty steamers and TP. Nightmare.

10:34 PM #
Looked like some people started makin' the tub into a backup toilet. All sprayed with whizz, doo doo, and puke. Animals. Just animals.

10:41 PM #
I gotta hit the sack. Dave's not helpin' clean up. Passed out with a blue FlaVor Ice in his mouth like nothin's wrong. We could go to jail!