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DadBoner - Wed Oct 03 2012

02:54 PM #
Heard in the news that my man Guy Fieri opened up a new 'rant in The Big Apple?! Supposed to be rockin', and breakin' all the rules.

02:58 PM #
Wonder if Guy Fieri needs a hand in the kitchen? Sounds like a big place. Might send in some ideas. I got a few that are off the chain.

03:01 PM #
Was thinkin' 'bout startin' my own guerilla style delivery service for Hot 'N Ready 'za, but helpin' out Guy Fieri in NYC is more important.

03:05 PM #
Who knows, maybe if Guy thinks my 'rant ideas are money, then I could show him the Roadhouse 2012 script? Winner, winner.