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DadBoner - Sun Oct 07 2012

12:43 PM #
Feel like I drank a thousand beers last night, you guys. Gonna reset the odometer for my man Don Kelly. Go Tigs! Woooooooo!

01:16 PM #
It's just a natural fact that babes from all around the world dig a Tigers man, you guys.

01:23 PM #
Told Dave we should head down to Detroit. It's just an hour. Bet the Detroit bar babes are flashin' chest beefers left and right.

01:27 PM #
If your team's rockin', and the gal fans are whippin' out celebraish beefers, you take the cold ones to go and put the pedal to he metal.

01:29 PM #
Detroit babes are off the chain, you guys.