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DadBoner - Mon Oct 08 2012

12:40 PM #
Woke up in a White Castle parking lot in Detroit with Dave this morning. Top down on the 'Bring. Kinda concerning.

12:45 PM #
Nothin like a Sunday night Jack & Diet binge to make you feel like you have all the answers, leading to a stack of Monday mornin questions.

12:52 PM #
Me and Dave each got 2 Crave Cases. Put 'em on our laps to warm up our peeners & thighs. It's an old hobo tip from the streets.

01:24 PM #
Think me and Dave went to Cheli's Chili Bar. Last thing I remember is screamin', "Show me the beefers!" Pretty cool?

01:39 PM #
Looks like I texted Ann a bunch last night. "Get ready for the bad boy to rock your passions carnally all night long." Jeez.

01:41 PM #
Also texted Ann, "Babe, I got the boobs like Jagger. Let me get those chest beefers 'cause I know the score." Really out of control.

01:42 PM #
Last text to Ann was, "Kiss at my peernr oh no you want it real bad let's make it." Not my usual smoothness.

01:51 PM #
Had to take the day off. Feel like a pile of hot garbage in the rain. Sippin' Bud Lights. Peener is so dehydrated. Looks terrible.

02:03 PM #
Shouldn't of eaten 2 Crave Cases. I got the 'rrhea like Jagger.

02:04 PM #
Man. So much 'rrhea, you guys.

05:46 PM #
Man, 2 White Castle Crave Cases for breakfast really has my backdoor singin' the low and slow blues.