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DadBoner - Sat Oct 13 2012

11:27 AM #
Nosey Lady woke me up on the gal's john floor when it was time to go home last night. Said, "we'll talk about his Monday." Kinda concerning.

11:30 AM #
Don't really remember much after the Tigers won Thursday. Mighta been a bad batch of BL Nums, you guys.

11:34 AM #
Wonder if there's a BL Nums recall in effect? Wakin' up on the floor of the ladies' isn't my usual style. Could be dangerous.

11:36 AM #
Might have to write a letter to Anheuser Busch 'bout their BL Nums. Drinkin' 'em all night in my car shouldn't 'cause such a problem.

11:41 AM #
Dave said BL Nums are pretty much just malt liquor for white people. Idiot. Malt liquor is for everyone, you guys.

10:04 PM #
I got two words for ya, Yankees: Suck it.

10:40 PM #
Feel like I could drink a thousand beers right now, you guys.