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DadBoner - Sun Oct 14 2012

12:45 PM #
Feel like drank a thousand beers last night, you guys.

03:23 PM #
Lions won, Tigers are on top. Man. Even had a solid no wiper today. Everything's so on point.

03:42 PM #
Bet the Yanks wish they still had Donny Baseball. Man, he was one of the best in the biz. Any real man's a Donny Baseball man, you guys.

03:58 PM #
Might have to get some suits like Craig Sager for the fall. Thought he was gay, but just turns out he's keepin' it funky fresh.

04:01 PM #
Saw Taco Bell is still makin those garbage bowls? Babe needs to stick to rollin her R's and maybe get nude in a mag. Grub's not her thing.

04:13 PM #
If your food comes in a plastic bowl, no need to describe it usin 7 R's to pronounce, rice. Shut up and show your beefers, Taco Bell babe.

04:18 PM #
Latina babes are supposed to make hearty grub for their familia, not hamster bedding with "wokamolay" on it, Taco Bell.

04:23 PM #
Taco Bell says you'll like their garbage bowl or you get your money back. I shouldn't have to beg after like a slave 'cause it stinks.

04:27 PM #
The Taco Bell babe needs to strip for a men's mag and Taco Bell needs to just put D'reets on everything so we can get on with our lives.

04:30 PM #
Man. What a great weekend, you guys. Detroit. Rock City. USA.

04:36 PM #
Wonder what kinda tissue Joe Girardi uses? Probably expensive. Looks like he could use some right now.

04:43 PM #
Headin' to Cold One City. When the tide is rockin', you ride the wave to 100% pure adrenaline. Bodhi said that in Point Break, you guys.