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DadBoner - Mon Oct 15 2012

12:59 PM #
Nosey Lady hasn't said anything 'bout me passin' out in the gal's john on Friday. Mighta forgot about it? Playin' it cool.

01:01 PM #
Nosey Lady hasn't really said anything to me at all today. Never like that. Strange. Nice, but kinda concerning.

01:13 PM #
Might have to go do some recon with Nosey Lady. "So, mighta had a seizure on Friday? Ha! Good news is, it isn't serious." Keep it casual.

01:15 PM #
"I mean, I can't be the only one who's ever passed out in the gal's john. Got any cool stories from way back?" Get a dialogue goin'.

01:20 PM #
Nosey Lady just said, "Mmm hmm. That was unfortunate." and walked away after I asked about my gal's toilet pass out. Must be chill. Whew.