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DadBoner - Tue Oct 16 2012

11:46 AM #
Told Nosey Lady I might have to split early to go down to Comerica. Try and pick up some tix. She said, "Whatever you need to do, Karl." (?)

11:50 AM #
Think Nosey Lady might feel bad about my "maybe seizure" I had on the gal's john floor. Probs understands I need some chillin'.

11:57 AM #
Just got a memo that the head honcho is comin' by on Friday. Might have to get one of those Craig Sager suits. Show 'em I'm doin' WELL.

12:06 PM #
If folks can't tell if you're dressed like a gay, or a boss player who's keepin' it successfully chillin', that's a power move, you guys.

03:36 PM #
Headin' to Detroit. Kinda questionable with my smashed windshield. But, when Seger's rockin', the car practically drives itself there.

03:39 PM #
When makin' a questionable decision, sometimes the only way to find the answer is to shut your eyes & mash the pedal to the metal, you guys.