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DadBoner - Wed Oct 17 2012

12:00 PM #
Just got to work. Had a blast last night. Feelin' kinda rough, but flyin' high. Like a ship in a storm with a flag sayin' Chillin' The Most.

12:04 PM #
Tigers pretty much got this in bag. Goin' to the dance! Sendin' out vibes to the big man upstairs to Bless You Boys.

12:16 PM #
Got pretty ripped at Hockeytown Cafe. Then headed over to Detroit Beer Co. Detroit's gettin' pretty nice. LOVE gettin' bombed there.

12:18 PM #
I musta peeped a thousand babes last night, you guys. Detroit babes are SO money. You can peep 'em for days.

12:30 PM #
Shot my K-Money Triple Crown (point, flex a 'cep, ease down shades) at one babe that had a healthy caboose piled high with ethnic toppings.

12:32 PM #
Dave came cruisin' over and started in with the "Boobs Like Jagger" song. Told him that's only for in the house! Not when I'm scorin' babes!

12:38 PM #
The babe took her thick 'n juicy all natural backdoor and hit the bricks. Dave blew it. I had the ancient vibes of a carnal tribe goin'.

12:44 PM #
The great Sammy Hagar said, "I just wanna sink my teeth in that fine piece of real estate." A REAL man like's a thick caboose, you guys.

12:50 PM #
Some guys are into Sammy. Some are into Diamond Dave. Me? I'm into Van Halen, and thick & natural babe tails from coast to coast in the USA.

12:51 PM #
And that's the bottom line, 'cause Stone Cold Karl Welzein said so.

12:52 PM #
Crap, think I'm still kinda bombed. Gonna barf.