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DadBoner - Wed Oct 24 2012

10:22 AM #
Woke up in bed with Crazy Cooter's mom this morning. Kinda concerning?

11:06 AM #
Gonna hit the sack. Hope when I wake up it's in a different reality where I didn't possibly get carnal with Crazy Cooter's mom.

05:00 PM #
Detroit Tigers. World Series 2012. Let's roll, you guys.

05:15 PM #
Got me a 12 of BL 'Nums, bottle of Crown, plenty of ice, chips 'n dip, a few 'zas (supreme). Feels good to not have a job so I relax.

05:17 PM #
Back when I had a job, man, I just couldn't cut loose and enjoy a ball game with a proper booze intake. But now, it's on, you guys.

05:30 PM #
Wonder how many cold ones are gettin' pounded all over Michigan right now? Probly a buncha millions.