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DadBoner - Sun Oct 28 2012

08:53 PM #
So sad, you guys.

08:58 PM #
Good thing I don't have a job anymore, 'cause I wouldn't be goin' to that dump tomorrow after the amount of booze I'm gonna pound.

09:09 PM #
When your team loses the World Series, it's time to get busy cryin', or get busy drinkin', you guys.

09:12 PM #
Me and Dave left on our Road Warriors Hawk & Animal costumes for good luck. Forgot Hawk died. Questionable decision.

09:14 PM #
I'd shed a few tears, but sobbin' like a baby with another grown man while you're wearin' Road Warriors costumes isn't really a power move.

09:31 PM #
Gonna crack this next cold one in honor of the skipper of Bad Boy City, Mr. Jimmy Leyland.

09:42 PM #
Least we had a blast at Crazy Cooter's Halloween celebraish last night. Me and Dave's Road Warriors 'stumes really rocked it.

09:45 PM #
Guess I didn't get carnal with Crazy Cooter's mom. Just bunked for the night. She probably wanted it though. I'm all man with heavy vibes.

09:52 PM #
Cooter's mom said, "Were you the stupid faggot that passed out in my bed and kept rippin' ass all night?" "Faggot" seemed unnecessary.

09:55 PM #
Told Cooter's mom, "Listen, trash bag, it was my b-day. And don't act like you didn't crave my touch just 'cause of some hot rippers."

09:58 PM #
If a babe is turned off by a few nighttime gas leaks, she should get used to sleepin' alone. Evening slumber is a healthy time for release.

10:02 PM #
Crazy Cooter's mom smacked me in the peener & veggies for the "trash bag" comment. She was probably turned on and had to resist a grab.

10:05 PM #
Told Cooter's mom, "Hey! Hands off my peener! It's a valuable part of my body and I'm not some weirdo who's into guy pains."

10:08 PM #
Had to go in the john and run cold water on my peener for safety. Quit smacks on the business end can cause damage to your tool.

10:12 PM #
Peener felt hot like pee was comin' out. Decided to just soak my pants in case of any leaks. It's the wet look for downtown. So carnal.

10:15 PM #
Me and Dave rocked out so hard in our Road Warriors 'stumes, got some real looks from the babes, but kept it guy to guy. Buddy style.

10:19 PM #
Every night can't be about babes. If it was, I wouldn't have anytime to chill with the guys. I can't be Mr. Romance & Satisfaction, 24/7.