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DadBoner - Wed Oct 31 2012

11:22 AM #
Happy 'Ween, you guys.

11:28 AM #
Wonder if they're havin' a 'stume celebraish at work for 'Ween? Might have to stop by and say whassup.

11:53 AM #
Gonna have a few cocktails to get loose and conversational then cruise to work with Dave in our Roadwarriors 'stumes. Really wow 'em.

10:51 PM #
Just found Dave's Pos T Vac under the kitchen sink. Kinda concerning?

11:04 PM #
The Pos T Vac is a peener apparatus to make it carnal. No need for that nonsense in the kitchen. It's where I prepare bold flavors.

11:07 PM #
Might have to say somethin' to Dave about this peener engorgement business in the meal area. Male enhancement is a bedroom situaish.

11:12 PM #
If your peener don't work, pick up a guy mag for peepin' like a real man. No need to cram it in a plastic suck machine like some animal.