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DadBoner - Thu Nov 01 2012

11:04 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

11:07 AM #
When you don't have a job, weekday freedoms lend itself to more stressful activities. Could really use some weekend R&R.

11:15 AM #
Had a blast stoppin' by the ol' work yesterday with Dave. They weren't havin' a 'stume contest or nothin' though. Seems boring since I left.

11:17 AM #
Busted in the door with our Roadwarriors 'stumes on. Man, people freaked out when I yelled, "WHAAAT A RUSH!" Heard some screams. Ha!

11:22 AM #
Nosey Lady's still an idiot. Said, "Karl are you retarded?! You have to leave." Who's Karl? I'm Animal and this is Hawk. Pointed at Dave.

11:32 AM #
Told Nosey, "We're just tryin' to bring some fun 'Ween terror and say whassup. Don't think I'm back to stay. I been rockin' SO hard."

11:44 AM #
Dave said, "Yeah, me & Karl been gettin' bombed and might be workin' for Guy Fieri REAL soon, you sloppy sow." Shut her down.

11:48 AM #
Hope Dave doesn't think he'll actually be workin' with Guy Fieri. Me and Guy are a mano y mano situaish. Dave can keep dreamin' though.

11:54 AM #
Could tell Nosey wasn't gonna let us get the party started so we went out in the parkin' lot to hang in case anyone wanted to say whassup.

11:58 AM #
Hung out in the lot with a few cold ones, blarin' some Seger in our Roadwarriors 'stumes, but guess Nosey said nobody could come chill.

12:03 PM #
Tried pushin' out a squirt on Nosey's car grill so she could catch the aroma but was too dehydrated & cold. Peener just turtled a dribble.

12:10 PM #
If you can't even take a whizz of vengeance on somebody's car, it's time to review your hydration plan, pronto.