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DadBoner - Fri Nov 09 2012

11:17 AM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys. Really hurtin'. Mighta been drugged by some prostitutes at 'Bee's last night. Kinda concerning?

11:27 AM #
Wouldn't think 'Bee's would attract prostos. But, guess their new late night attitude comes with a price. After 9pm, anything goes.

11:33 AM #
Was just mindin' my own biz at 'Bee's, easin' back several Mucho Margs and thinkin' 'bout gettin' a primo job, when a babe came in hot.

11:37 AM #
The babe said, "Damn, ain't you fine as f*ck." Thought there was no need for bad language, but I couldn't disagree. My look was on point.

11:44 AM #
The babe asked if I wanted company. Told her, my Mucho Marg was doin' just fine as a co-pilot. Seemed fishy. Just too carnal.

11:46 AM #
Sure, I wanted to get a one on one after hours convo goin', but this babe had my Karl-sense screamin', "Back away, amigo. Danger zone."

11:50 AM #
Told the babe I needed to hit the john for a sit down, guy style. When I came back, she started askin' how much bread I had. Bad news.

11:55 AM #
I pounded my Mucho Marg and decided to hit the bricks. Babes who really crave your carnal touch want "things", not cold cash, you guys.

12:03 PM #
Don't remember much after I left 'Bee's. Woke up in the Rite Aid parkin' lot with my car runnin'. Least I blacked out responsibly.

12:12 PM #
Someone should let 'Bee's know they might have prostos druggin' people's booze in the neighborhood. Might be bad for business? Who knows.

04:54 PM #
I'll take ghosts over demons anytime, you guys. Easier to avoid some crap in the outside world than fight an inescapable evil inside you.

04:56 PM #
Man, I feel so crap. Just a bag of smokin' crap. Gotta lay back down. Damn prostos & their filthy street drugs. Friggin' 'Bee's. So steamed.

04:57 PM #
My brain's all mushed like bumblebees.