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DadBoner - Sun Nov 11 2012

02:47 AM #
Slept all day. Just woke up. Sometimes it's good to recharge when you're workin' hard and maybes gettin' drugged by prostos at 'Bee's.

02:56 AM #
Been watchin' some of Dave's recorded WWE shows. Pretty good. This Rybak guy is on point. His 'tude is so badass.

02:58 AM #
"Feed Me More."

02:58 AM #
Feed Me More.

02:59 AM #
Feed. Me. More.

05:04 AM #
Funny how if you balance your time enough, "Tonight" can turn into "Tomorrow" in the squirt of an eye, you guys.

05:07 AM #
Pretty stupid how "time" is some numbers that come down to when you either need to be at work, or not. Should just be green or red.

05:15 AM #
Dave just got up to take a whizz. Said, "You STILL up?" Gave me a look. Suck my ass, idiot. Learnin' 'bout current events, I'm informed.

05:27 AM #
So bombed, you guys. Gonnna be drunk cus its saturaday.

05:36 AM #
Crazy Cooter kept tellin' me to play this this jam. It's pretty chill? Might have to hook up:

05:39 AM #
If you're not down with the The Dayton Family, hit the bricks, you guys. Mighta been boys with Peanut?

05:48 AM #
Crazy Cooter just came by. Puked on the floor, but he's playin' some boss Michigan old school.. Might be for Obama?

05:53 AM #
WZLN: The sounds of Breed (RIP), and the DFC.

06:03 AM #
WLZN: Comin' atcha with that Flint funk Crazy Cooter says is "gangsta." AWE HELL YEAH! My hood keeps it chiliiin.

06:05 AM #
I gotta go barf or sleep. Don't know whiich is proper, you guys.

06:17 AM #
Don't know if if I'm late to tha game, but I'm down with The Dayton Family, Esham, MC Breed (RIP). DFC, Jake The Flake, and NATAS.

06:17 AM # guys.

06:20 AM #
Crazy Cooter brought all his tapes over. Man, we are rockin'. All black dudes sayin' local things. Really makes ya think.

06:25 AM #

06:32 AM #
Earth walkers let the daylight guide 'em to slumber. True Gods nod off to pleasures on their own watch, you guys.

01:52 PM #
Somebody gimme an "AWE HELL YEAH!" for the USA veterans, you guys.

01:56 PM #
Veterans day is important. Should be a national holiday, not just a Sunday everybody already has off.

02:03 PM #
If you don't support the troops and the veterans? Man, just hit the bricks to China and live like an animal, ya piece of trash.

02:05 PM #
Round here, we let the American flag fly high. Don't actually have one or a place to put it, but it's #1 in our hearts.

02:10 PM #
No need to own a flag, when your fists are armed with double middle freedom rockets. I'm 1000% American badass. 365. 24/7. Open on Sundays.

06:24 PM #
Feel like I could drink a thousand beers for the veterans right now, you guys.