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DadBoner - Tue Nov 13 2012

11:44 AM #
Uh oh. Saw the landlord snoopin' around The K-Money Club. Outside yellin' on his cell phone. Better lay low. Kinda concerning?

11:55 AM #
The landlord keeps yellin', "The whole apartment is feeled with pees and sheet!" Then used other bad words in a far away language of anger.

12:06 PM #
If your pals destroy an apt. that you turned into a nightclub with their bodily wastes, it's best to just walk away and keep it chillin'.

12:14 PM #
Man. Landlord is poundin' on doors. Turnin' the lights off. Me & Dave gonna hide out in the john with some snacks 'til this blows over.

12:21 PM #
Nothin' wrong with a couple guys hidin' from authorities in the john with some ranch Corn Nuts, you guys. Part of the bad boy lifestyle.