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DadBoner - Wed Nov 14 2012

11:38 AM #
Landlord pounded on the door forever yesterday. Finally just let himself in. Was hidin' in the john with Dave. Dave cut a ripper & blew it.

11:44 AM #
Landlord said, "Hello? Is somebody in the toilet?" Told him, "Sorry, takin' a crap." Then Dave said, "Yeah, we're takin' a crap." Idiot.

11:51 AM #
Had to stay in the john with Dave all afternoon. The landlord left. Think he got uncomfortable when he thought we were in a cozy situaish.

11:53 AM #
2 pals don't go in the john to make stinky at the same time if there's only one pot. It just screams guy on guy carnal passions, you guys.

12:27 PM #
The landlord is supposed to come back today. Might have to split for awhile. Worried about repercussions from The K-Money Club.