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DadBoner - Tue Nov 20 2012

11:45 AM #
Really lookin' forward to Thanksgivin', you guys.

11:50 AM #
Just gettin' up and around. Goin' on the run from authorities takes it outta ya like an all day 'rrhea session.

11:55 AM #
Had to get outta town for a few days. The landlord left a note under the door that said, "Unless one of the tenants comes to the forward...

11:58 AM #
...about the fecal and urine damages in the vacated apartment, as well as vomits, the police will be involved for questioning."

12:04 PM #
I shouldn't have to worry about the body waste destruction of Neighbor Guy's pad. It wasn't MY waste. I made at at home with class.

12:07 PM #
Didn't wanna get shook down by 5-0. Told Dave we needed to hit the bricks. Grabbed all the cold ones & snacks and beat it to the 'Bring.

12:11 PM #
Decided we should just hit it to NYC, maybe get involved with Guy's 'rant and show support against that tug off, Peener Wells.

12:18 PM #
Left the boat hooked up to the 'Bring. Thought it'd be a money hang outside of Guy's in Times Square. Really magnetize the big apple babes.

12:25 PM #
Burned up the transmission outside of Youngstown, OH. Had to wait 3 hrs. on the side of the road to get the boat & 'Bring towed.

12:31 PM #
Dave had to grunt real bad. Went in the boat and pushed in an Arb's bag. Threw it on the roadside. Pretty much summed up the situaish.

12:37 PM #
When the tow truck driver showed up, he stepped in Dave's Arb's bag BM. Had to ride in the truck cab with his boot rankin' it up. Terrible.

12:43 PM #
Who doesn't notice they just stepped in an Arb's bag full of human waste? It's a pretty basic concept to grasp and assess, you guys.

12:48 PM #
Couldn't get the 'Bring fixed 'til Monday. Had to stay in a Best Western with Dave. Close quarters weren't ideal. Lotta beefin' road eats.

12:50 PM #
Whole thing cost me $2,700. Mechanic really vice gripped my peener & veggies. Wanted to crush his face, but he wasn't even worth it.

12:51 PM #
Kinda gettin' tight with the bread. Ann pretty much took all the savings 'cause of the kids & crap. So unfair. My kids aren't my problem.

12:55 PM #
After Thanksgivin'? Man, I'm gonna look for a job so hard. Really clean up for the holiday season. It's a great time for go getters.

01:11 PM #
I need this Thanksgivin' to be special, like never before. A real celebraish. And if there's babes involved? That's cool too.