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DadBoner - Sat Nov 24 2012

12:03 AM #
Gonna be not happy with the world for now. you guys.

12:05 AM #
Had buttcheek passions with Mega Buttcheeks. She called it "hot doggin'" So much buns.

12:09 AM #
Sometimes you go out and wake up after you rubbed yer peener & veggies on an obese babe's caboose. It's called bein' an a American. USA.

08:03 PM #
Just woke up and couldn't figure out why it was dark out at 11:00 am. Really need some structure, you guys.

08:14 PM #
Watchin' this Kyle Kinane stand up crap. So friggin' funny. Might have to write some jokes? Really burn down some folks, bad boy style.

08:18 PM #
Man, I could probably be the #1 comedian in the USA if I put my mind to it. "Karl The Babe Guy." Maybe this Kinane idiot wants to hook up?

08:20 PM #
Gonna eat a pile of mashed 'tato lefties and start writin' some jokes. Really burn down some trash. I got words to say, you guys.

08:30 PM #
Man, if I did stand up comedy, I'd burn so many people down to their face, and if you don't like it? Then, you can suck it.

08:33 PM #
You don't like what I say? You don't like my moves? Then hit the bricks, corncob. I'm the President and CEO of Bad Boy City, USA. Ha!

08:37 PM #
Don't you know, that you are a shooting star? Don't you now? And all the world will love you, just as long as you are, you guys.

08:48 PM #
Gonna call up Mega Buttcheeks. See if she wants some company. My treat, of course.

09:00 PM #
Is it against the law to crave a babe's overweight buttcheeks? Not in my USA, you guys.