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DadBoner - Tue Nov 27 2012

11:56 AM #
K-Money Standards of Excellence, Step #4: Hearty breakfast. Kinda late in the day, but rest is important too. Success is about compromise.

12:30 PM #
Step #5: A solid, healthy BM. It lets me know my bod is functionin' on all cylinders, and my horsepower is maxin' out my volume.

03:48 PM #
Step #6: Have Dave cancel all my appointments. Don't have any, but if one comes up, it's gettin' cancelled, pronto. I'm too busy focusing.

06:17 PM #
Step #7: Makin' 13 cans of tuna, kicked up with my secret herbs & spices and plenty of mayo, for all week snackin' on prote my bod craves.