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DadBoner - Mon Dec 03 2012

05:27 PM #
Got up nice and early to go on the job hunt this mornin'. Stopped at Mickey D's for some 'fast. Saw the McRib was back. Day was kinda over.

05:34 PM #
Hung out in the Mickey D's lot eatin' Sausage McMuffs 'til lunch flipped over. Then took down 4 McRibs. The craving was unstoppable.

05:44 PM #
Went home to bust out some 'shups to smooth out the McRibs into muscle. Was pretty beat from gettin' up early and needed a snooze.

05:58 PM #
A man can't be expected to wake up early, AND stay awake all day, AND exercise. It's not reasonable OR healthy, you guys.

06:15 PM #
I had FOUR McRibs today. I'm not some deadbeat. It's not like I l just layed around in bed, DREAMIN' about McRibs all day. Feelin' good.