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DadBoner - Sat Dec 08 2012

01:11 PM #
Crap. It's really Saturday? All I did all week was clean my car? Jeez. Kept track of how many McRibs I ate though. 14. Kinda cool?

04:19 PM #
Went down to Little Cas' to tell 'em 'bout my $5 H 'n R delivery service. Said they have drivers. Told 'em, "not K-Money style."

04:24 PM #
As an guerilla 'za driver, I'd provide a service a company man can't: No rules. Could even kick up the 'za with my own renegade spices.

04:30 PM #
And if a celebraish is rockin' and outta sauce? My trunk is filled with ice, cold ones & liquor 4 sale. Captain Karl is THE booze & 'za man.

04:33 PM #
Might hang outside Lil' Caes' and see if any of the drivers wanna get in on this side guerilla delivery action. Could mean big $$$.

04:37 PM #
If you want a job, just buy someone else's job from 'em and then make more money at it than they did. It's how Walmart does it, you guys.