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DadBoner - Mon Dec 10 2012

09:35 AM #
Man, still kinda beat from Saturday, you guys. Might have to just take it easy and rest up.

09:37 AM #
When you don't have to go to work on Monday, it's best to start your week on Tuesday. Gives you a 24hr. recharge advantage over everyone.

09:40 AM #
Had a blast on Saturday night at work. Paid a guy named Silly Billy $40 to ride along with him on his Lil' Caes 'za deliveries.

09:42 AM #
Silly Billy showed me his tether. Said "work don't gotta know." Pretty badass. Kicks off kind of an outlaw vibe. Might have to get one.

09:46 AM #
Got pretty bombed on Saturday. I wasn't drivin' the car, so I was drinkin' in it. No need to use math to figure out that equation.

09:50 AM #
Never understood why you're not supposed to drink booze in a car even when you're not drivin' it. It's a no reason anti-pleasure law.

09:53 AM #
Started kickin' up some of the Hot 'n Readies with my own special blend of herbs & spices. Silly Billy got steamed. Thought it was drugs.

09:56 AM #
I wouldn't put drugs on random peoples' 'za. Told Silly Billy, "No need for dope when you're high on bold flavors."

10:05 AM #
Wrote down all the addresses of the places we delivered 'za to. Once they get a taste of the K-Money style Hot 'n Ready, they'll be cravin'.

10:10 AM #
Woke up in Silly Billy's car at his pad. Guess I dozed off from drinkin' in his car. Drinkin' & ridin' is SO decadent. Real plush.

10:23 AM #
How much would people pay for a $5 Hot 'n Ready, K-Money style? Who knows? But it's definitely more.

10:24 AM #
Plus, once word gets out that a K-Money Hot 'n Ready comes off the chain with Cheetos on top, I'll be the man.

10:33 AM #
When you take someone's else's main thing, and do it a thousand times better just 'cause you can, that's a real power move, you guys.