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DadBoner - Wed Dec 12 2012

02:00 PM #
My Christmas list is lookin' so money, you guys.

02:35 PM #
Gettin' real steamed at computers, you guys. Sent all my loved ones my 2011 Christmas list by accident. Hope they didn't buy stuff already.

02:37 PM #
Sendin' out my new 2012 Christmas List. I got taste with more sophisticaish than last year.

03:44 PM #
AAARRRGHHH!!!!! SUPER P.O.'d! Sendin' out my Christmas wish list for 2012 again. Shouldn't've drank lunch cold ones.

03:50 PM #
Gonna have to send out a big apology letter for so many Christmas list computer email screw ups. Don't wanna look desperate or slow.

03:52 PM #
If people aren't understanding when you make mistakes in the afternoon 'cause of lunch beers, they weren't your friends in the first place.

03:54 PM #
It's Friday. That's when lunch beers go down the smoothest. Wait, it's Thursday? Whatever. Thursday lunch beers are cool too.

03:56 PM #
It's WEDNESDAY?! Fine. WEDNESDAY lunch cold ones rock just as hard as Thursday AND Friday. I'm not some slave to "days," you guys.

03:59 PM #
In the USA, you can drink EVERY day. It's called the freedom of bein' an American. In China, they cut off your hand or some crap for it.