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DadBoner - Mon Dec 17 2012

02:00 PM #
Asked Ann what's up for the Christmas celebraish. Said, "I don't think Gary's comfortable with you around." Course he isn't. I'm all beef.

02:02 PM #
Ann said she'd discuss me joinin' them for Christmas with Gary. Ann never "discussed" decisions with me. Such a load. I got a raw deal.

02:05 PM #
It was always, "do this, Karl." "Do that, Karl." "Go to some crap soccer picnic on your day off, Karl." I never had a choice. Always hurt.

02:09 PM #
If Gary's thinks he's gonna ace me out of my right to rock out Christmas with the fam, he's got another thing comin'. From me.

02:13 PM #
You mess with me? I'll whizz on your car. I don't care. Super hot whizz, all over your the door handle. You touch my whizz? I own you.

02:50 PM #
Squirtin' your whizz on another person's property is the legal, safe way to get revenge. No need for violence like some no class animal.