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DadBoner - Thu Dec 20 2012

11:02 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

01:48 PM #
Dave's locked in his room. Says, "He's gotta make peace with himself before the end of the world." How? With solo carnal passions? Ha!

01:52 PM #
Wonder how Dave's makin' bathroom? Probably a bucket situaish. Don't see the Home Depot 5 gallon "ash tray" on the deck. Kinda concerning.

01:54 PM #
Hidin' in your room, strokin' your peener, shovelin' in Dinty Moore, and makin' BM in a bucket is no way to face the end, you guys.

02:01 PM #
I don't think the world is gonna end, but if it is, there's no better place to buy the farm than at Chili's. So comforting.

02:04 PM #
Whether it's a big birthday celebraish, or the end of days, Chili's always feels right, you guys.

02:07 PM #
Chili's has margs, cold ones, ribs, hamburgs, AND 'chos. They're your one stop last meal headquarters.

02:11 PM #
To be safe, I'm not gonna buy any Christmas presents 'til after this "end of the world" horsecrap. Hate to waste a buncha my bread.