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DadBoner - Fri Dec 21 2012

11:54 AM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys. Looks like the world didn't end. Pretty cool. Might be time for a lil' celebraish?

12:05 PM #
Bet all those religious corncobs who killed themselves so they didn't have to face the music feel pretty stupid today.

01:01 PM #
Wasn't too worried about the end of the world comin' anyway. I woulda just Stone Cold stunned it back to caveman times, USA style.

01:04 PM #
The Apocalypse: "It's the end of the world!" Me: "No it ain't, you piece of trash." (break the glass)

01:10 PM #
Crazy Cooter just called. Said he's havin' a bash tonight, "for the end of times and all that dumb f*ckin' sh*t." Sounds like a blast.

01:16 PM #
Dave still won't come out of his room. Says it's not "safe" 'til after midnight. Idiot.