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DadBoner - Tue Jan 08 2013

08:34 AM #
Hit The Bell today as a special "gold star" to my bod for overcoming for some nasty D. Gotta get my machine in shape with no mercy.

08:40 AM #
Took down 3 of The Bell's Spicy Buffalo Chicken Grillers. Whoa. Looks like The Bell's doin' things, their own way. Wonder if Guy knows?

08:46 AM #
I been gettin' bombed and mashin' up old chicken wings in tortillas for years. Taco Bell almost does it just as good. Real tasty.

08:50 AM #
There's a big difference between 'rrhea that makes you wanna die, and 'rrhea from The Bell. Well, not really a "big" one, but it's there.

09:21 AM #
Sometimes I wish I still had a job. Fallin' asleep on the toilet at home just isn't the same, you guys.