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DadBoner - Fri Jan 11 2013

06:01 AM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

06:13 AM #
Dave's still grossin' me out with his nocturnal emish crap. That's not my style. I'd need a babe's one on one touch. I'm a go getter.

06:15 AM #
Decided to get into the internet dating scene. Pretty much cruised through all the babes in the area. Time to expand my carnal reach.

06:19 AM #
Signed up for the Ok Cupid, you guys. Had to "adjust" some "facts." Don't wanna get my identity stolen.

06:23 AM #
Kinda screwed up my only pic of me in my photo editor, but I got the levels cranked up for a rich cocoa tan. Really all that's important.

11:59 AM #
Gotta go check my OK Cupes. See if there's any babe bites lined up for the weekend. Might be gettin' busy, you guys.