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DadBoner - Mon Jan 14 2013

09:20 AM #
Had a convo with Dave today 'bout the pee pee stains on his sweats. It's not chill and he needs to learn how to shake it like a grown up.

09:21 AM #
Dave said, you mean "whip around my meat?" He's such a grossout. Just a few peener shakes is plenty to get out the extra whizz.

09:23 AM #
Can't just stand at a urinal and "whip around your meat." You could send the wrong vibes to your neighbor, or get arrested, you guys.

09:29 AM #
Worried Dave's gonna go bonkers tossin' his peener around in a public john. Gonna supervise next time he has a squirt. Guy code.

09:35 AM #
Any real pal knows when it's time to watch your buddy take a whizz, 'specially if there might be danger involved, you guys.