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DadBoner - Sat Jan 19 2013

02:03 PM #
Took a roadie with Dave up to the Bay City Hooter's today. Had a guy to guy 'bout shakin' whizz off his peener on the way. Kinda special?

02:05 PM #
If you're on the open road to Hooter's, talkin' peener hygiene, and blarin' some Seger? Man, the guy code is so on point, you guys.

02:10 PM #
Wanted to see if any of the Hooter's babes were on Ok Cupes, but also real in the flesh department. Can't get burned like that Manti fella.

02:13 PM #
Hooter's was so on point. Dave took down 30 Chipotle Honey b-less like a champ. But me? I'm a "bone in" man from way back. (guy humor)

02:22 PM #
Our waitress was feelin my mega vibes after I took down 20, 3 Mile Island, fries w/ cheese dippins, and a Shrimp Po' Boy. Real power move.

02:28 PM #
Eased down my shades and asked our Hooter's waitress, Steph, if she usually met hunks at work or if she cruised Ok Cupes for 100% all beef?

02:36 PM #
Told Steph, "If you wanna hook up on Ok Cupes, I could provide my private account 411. Maybes have an afties chat?" Played it cool.

02:46 PM #
Steph must be shy 'cause she looked blank in the face area. Told her, "I'm just confirmin' the real feel on ALL babes. It's chill."

02:50 PM #
Said, "I can't have a 'computers only' passions situaish back up my guy zone due to zero one on one caresses like that Manti dingbat."

02:52 PM #
Thought I had a hotline to close with Hooter's Steph and heat up my Ok Cupes to real feel levels and beyond, then Dave blew it.

02:55 PM #
Dave crushed me and Steph's vibes when he stood up and said, "Gonna go drain my meat, and make sure I triple shake it." Then winked at me.

02:59 PM #
Steph left the bill and walked away. Dave's an idiot. He's got no respect sometimes for a man about to run up the score on a choice gal.

03:03 PM #
You can't just wink at another grown man while talkin' 'bout "triple shakin' your meat" if he's closin' a carnal deal with a Hooter's babe.

03:07 PM #
Hooter's babes are top shelf. You can't just call your peener, your "meat" in front of 'em like you write for a XXX guy mag.

03:13 PM #
Cranked the class to 1000% before we left. Had Steph add on a Hooter's calendar, then signed the receipt with a 23% tip AND my phone number.

03:18 PM #
Can't stop peepin' this Hooter's calendar. So many cravable babes. Plus it came with coupons. Such a great value, you guys.

03:56 PM #
Why even know what day it is at all if you don't find out from a Hooter's calendar? "Tuesday" just seems more special with chest beefers.