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DadBoner - Sun Jan 27 2013

02:06 PM #
Got me a 12 of them Budweiser Black Crowns. Says they're "distinctively smooth." Might be for soul brothers? 'Course, I like smoothness too.

02:13 PM #
'Weiser Soul Kings gots the smoothness the brothers crave, but also the 6% alc. all races crave for gettin' bombed. It's an equality brew.

02:33 PM #
'Weiser Soul Kings let today's fashionable brother get his bold flavor booze groove on to street life levels, with a touch of class.

05:46 PM #
Dave just flipped 'cause he forgot tonight was Royal Rumble. Said was my fault for goin' on & on 'bout Bud Soul Kings. Sorry for thinkin'!

05:50 PM #
I had some thoughts I needed to share 'bout booze bein' a sign of racial harmony! I can't be in charge of thinkin' for two, Dave. Idiot.

05:53 PM #
If Dave wanted to watch Royal Rumble so bad, why was he laughin' his sack off at that Honey Bo-Bo pig farm grossout program. So stupid.

05:56 PM #
I can't express my thoughts when Dave's watchin' Honey Bo-Bo and the pig farm people! I'm tryin' to talk cold ones, not puke my guts out.

05:59 PM #
Honey Bo-Bo shouldn't be on the air. It's a bad influence on children and dietary habits. Karl cares about the kids, you guys.

06:01 PM #
Dave said he'd "put his meat to Honey Bo-Bo's mom's pig farm sloppers for 20 bucks." No you wouldn't, Dave. No you wouldn't.

06:03 PM #
Dave's such a grossout. I'm goin' for a walk. Can't hear this crap before bed. It'll give me pig babe 'mares! Sick of this.