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DadBoner - Mon Jan 28 2013

09:04 AM #
Really hurtin'. 'Weiser Soul Kings really put a mean street animal beat down on my inside bod. Might not have the formula correctamundo yet?

09:09 AM #
'Weiser is usually on point when it comes to next day backdoor BM releases. 'Cept their Natty Ice. That garbage is brown death for days.

09:13 AM #
Natty Ice should come with a mini bottle of Febreze so low income folks don't choke on their own rank beefs. They got enough problems.

09:17 AM #
Dave said one time him & Cooter drank Natty Ice for 2 months to make a pyramid on Coot's ping pong table. Coot's ma made him sleep outside.

09:19 AM #
Dave said when they were makin' the Natty Ice pyramid, he sleep beefed, dreamt he was in a BM river, woke up and startin' hurlin'. Jeez.

09:31 AM #
Poor folks got the same right to a solid BM when drinkin' garbage booze as folks who drink high end cocktails. $ shouldn't = hard grunts.

09:35 AM #
Sure, I don't have employment right now. But I'm just on a break from work. Not poor. So I still like to splurge and treat me right.

09:45 AM #
Might have to start lookin' for a job again after the Supes' Celebraish. Not before though. I'm not some stupid corncob loser, you guys.