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DadBoner - Thu Jan 31 2013

06:08 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

08:30 AM #
Really rocked it at the hospital with Crazy Cooter yesterday. Fed Cooter some Mango Habs. Could tell the nurses craved my sensitivity.

08:38 AM #
Cooter said "he don't like readin' like some f*g," so I read him some Penthouse Forum letters outloud, guy to guy. So special.

08:45 AM #
If a pal won't read 'cause they got ignorant issues with the carnal needs of other guys, it's time to enjoy Penthouse Forum, together.

08:55 AM #
If more people got off their computer and sat down together sometimes to read a copy of Penthouse Forum, the world'd be a better place.

08:57 AM #
Told Coot 'bout how I helped Peanut (RIP) write a Penthouse Forum letter one time. He said, "motherf*cker I got gash stories all day!"

09:00 AM #
Coot crapped his hospital bed, but I told him today I'd come back and we'd work on a "gash" story together.

09:04 AM #
Can't write a Penthouse Forum letter with BM odor in the air. Wrong vibes. Class acts like Penthouse Forum don't use BM stories, you guys.