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DadBoner - Sat Feb 02 2013

09:40 AM #
So pumped for the Supes Celebraish, you guys.

09:45 AM #
Been rockin' this so hard today, gettin' my full spread on point. Tomorrow's all about the USA from coast to coast.

01:01 PM #
Rapped with Ken & Nosey Lady in the work parkin' lot last night. Played it chill when they came out. Wanted to look boss, yet approachable.

01:04 PM #
Tossed Ken a cold one, Stone Cold style. Just hit him in the chest. Had to let him it wasn't an attack situaish. Gave him a fist bump.

01:07 PM #
Started to tell 'em about how how Cooter was crankin' his peener to a Cherry in my john and had a stroke. Stories are great ice breakers.

01:10 PM #
Ken said, "No Karl. No." Seemed like he was havin' breathin' problems. Maybe from how I drilled his chest with a Busch tall? Can't be sure.

01:20 PM #
Ken got in his car and peeled out. Might be still steamed from how I had carnal passions with his wife. Me? I don't live in the past.

01:23 PM #
Nosey Lady was actually lookin' less gross than before. Pukin' wasn't even on my mind. Even told her. Guess she joined Curves.

01:26 PM #
Curves needs to let all the barf bag gals out there know that dreams can come true if your dream is not makin' guys hurl when you walk by.

01:28 PM #
Told Nosey Lady she should stop by the Supes Celebraish at the pad for zero disappointment in hot action cravings.

01:36 PM #
Told Nosey she need not bring a dish 'cause I'd be providin' the finest spread in town and her crap wasn't needed. Gotta be thoughtful.

02:06 PM #
Supes Party Tip: Flip your couch cushions so the fresh beefs you ripped into 'em are face down for when guests come by tomorrow, you guys.

02:17 PM #
If you act like you're too good for the Supes, man, you should just hit the bricks to China. No one’ll care, corncob. No one. USA.