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DadBoner - Tue Feb 05 2013

06:13 PM #
Can't sleep. Can't believe I let Nosey Lady get handsy with my peener. And those sloppers? Man, really hauntin' me like nightmare bags.

06:14 PM #
I gotta be more careful with my vibes. When you're on point, any babe with a buzz on wants to take advantage of your bod, you guys.

06:17 PM #
Probably lots of guys who got an HJ from an unsavory gal after the Supes. Bein' bombed for the USA makes a man confuse his cravings.

06:19 PM #
My peener & veggies are prime real estate, not some slum for any idiot trash to squat in.

06:23 PM #
Gonna make a tall Crown & Diet. Sometimes the only way to erase a mistake is to drink it off your mind, whizz it out, and flush it down.