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DadBoner - Sun Feb 10 2013

10:47 AM #
Don't know what to do without football on. Feels like part of my life is missing. Like how I don't see my fam anymore, but more sad.

10:55 AM #
Good thing about bein' single and ready to mingle when football's over is not havin' to go to Target or some crap today like a sucker.

11:23 AM #
Wonder if Guy Fieri's gonna be at the Grammy's tonight? Just peepin' all the babes backstage and drivin' 'em wild with cravings.

11:33 AM #
Wonder when Guy Fieri's gonna put out an album? Somethin' in the rap/rock genre? I mean, it's gotta happen, you guys.

11:36 AM #
Bet the music industry's shakin' in their shoes for when Guy Fieri drops his album. The bold ear flavors'll blow everyone off the charts.

05:07 PM #
Can't sleep. Can't stop thinkin' 'bout Miranda Lambert, you guys. That babe is 100% USDA American prime. 365. 24/7. Open on Sundays.