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DadBoner - Wed Feb 13 2013

08:25 AM #
Gotta do some 'shups today. Swoll pipes + no sleeves = a formerly lonely babe on each gun for 'Tines Day. Do the carnal math, you guys.

08:34 AM #
Dave's bringin' me down today. Complainin' how he "hacked up his sack and shaft" with an old Bic during a manshave for his coffee date.

08:38 AM #
Who takes a 25 cent Bic razor to their peener and veggies? I mean, probably Lorenzo Lamas, but that's it.

08:44 AM #
If you're just goin' on a coffee date for 'Tines day, there's no need to prep your guyzone. It's gonna be a ghosttown down there anyway.