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DadBoner - Sun Feb 17 2013

12:22 PM #
Sue walked in on me this mornin' when I was gruntin' out a AM BM. Paused a little too long than appropriate. I was nude. Kinda concerning?

12:26 PM #
Crappin' in the nude is so decadent. Sends healthy signals to your brain that it's a private time for reflection & focus to purge your bod.

12:30 PM #
Europeans always crap in the nude. It's part of their culture of relaxation and bodily freedoms. Nude crappin' shows alotta class, you guys.

12:33 PM #
Worried that Dave's gal is into my bod from the nude crap peek. Might have to have a guy to guy. Can't be in a messy passions triangle.

12:37 PM #
Whether you're chillin in the hot corner at a nightclub, or pushin out a stinky, macho cruisers like myself always look on point, you guys.