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DadBoner - Mon Feb 18 2013

06:59 AM #
Like to give a special K-Money "what's up" to my main man Barry O. for the Prez Day celebraish. Probably so bombed right now. Man.

08:48 AM #
If you're not drinkin' a thousand beers for the USA on Prez Day, man, you should just spit in Barry O's face. So disrespectful.

09:04 AM #
Found an old Motley "Shout At The Devil" tape by the dumpster. Little hissy, but works! Rockin' SO hard. What kinda idiot threw that out?!

09:12 AM #
Dave said to turn down the Crue 'cause him and Sue are tryin' to relax. Relax? It's Prez Day! I'm rockin' "Looks That Kill" like a maniac.

09:20 AM #
Captain Karl comin' atcha hot 'n bothered for all the babes from coast to coast on WLZN for your Prez Day.

09:21 AM #
No Dave! I won't turn it down! Suck it!!! So steamed.

09:28 AM #
Prez Day is for stuff like crankin' The Crue, poundin' booze, and gettin' OUT OF CONTROL for AMERICA. NOT for relaxin'. Sick of this.